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Gear S3 sensors dead after Software update

(Topic created on: 1/27/21 2:01 AM)
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Hi there. I've had a perfectly working Galaxy Gear S3 watch but on updating with Tizen 4.0 ALL sensors have died (Heart rate/Barometer/ Gyro.... all of it). I've scoured these pages to find a solution. Soft resets, hard resets, left phone off for days etc etc. This watch was expensive. I own so many Samsung products and the fact that no concession has been made,  even though this was clearly a result of an update, is jarring. 


Surely a directive should be sent that these watches will be repaired whether or not they're under warranty. The silence is deafening. I want to believe Samsung is better than this. Please give me a reason to. 

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Gear and Gear Fit

I have the same Problem face after Updating software.