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Gear S3 stops tracking mid work-out (auto-pause?)



I'm doing the 'First Attempt at 10k' program from the S-Health App. First two weeks worked alright (except for the mapping issues described in a previous post) and now on the 17th day of the program the watch has kicked the bucket... 


At some point it just stops recording distance. This screws up the program - I'm meant to change pace every xyz metres; instead distance and program both stop abruptly with the only option being to end the workout and start again.


Both times this happened (first at 1.15km and second at 0.89km) were when I stopped at traffic lights and auto-pause came on. Then the voice lady in the watch stopped speaking to me.  I'll try again tomorrow with auto-pause turned off. In any case, this is still an issue and warrants resolution. 


Any assistance you can provide is much appreciated.