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Google messenger not working?

My wife & I both have the Gear Fit 2 & LG V30+. We both noticed that we can no longer receive text messages on our bands. We have done everything from reboot, reset, re-pair, uninstalled, etc. It is only the one app that doesn't work anymore. All other apps work 100%. I have verified that our Fossil watches running Wear OS work fine.


Did Samsung break the software yet again?


All permissions are in place & we have checked & unchecked every option in the app to see if something was causing it to not work. Nothing has fixed the problem.


I need help or information from Samsung please! the app forced us to update to this new version. If I had my choice I would roll back so that I have full use but Samsung in their infinite wisdom has decided that we're not allowed to do that!


Re: Google messenger not working?

I'm having the same problem with my Fit 2 + Google Messages + Note 10 Plus.


I have also checked all notification settings, resete the watch, etc.


The Samsung Messages app can send texts to my watch, but I prefer Google Messages for it's quick "Report Sp*m" button.  This takes several steps with Samsung Messages, but just one quick tap with Google Messages.


Samsjung, please fix this soon.