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Keep screen on during exercise, always

I'd like to have the screen stay on while I'm actually doing an exercise.  It's nice to not require an exaggerated look-at-my-watch gesture to glance at my heartrate.  Fortunately, there's an option right in Samsung Health settings to do that: Keep screen on during exercise.


Unfortunately, any other notification makes the device act like that was turned off.  I go for a run, halfway through I hit my steps goal for the day, and there is a nice notification telling me so.  That's great, but then the screen turns off unless I do the look-at-my-watch gesture.  The screen no longer stays on.


I can correct that in the app on my phone, by turning off the Keep screen on during exercise setting, then turning it back on.  This is a minor annoyance, certainly, but it's also obviously a bug.  Here's hoping Samsung can fix it in an update soon!  Please respect the Keep screen during exercise setting, even after notifications!