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My gear sport back button won't work

I've had my Watch for about a year and the back button stopped working

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: My gear sport back button won't work



Thank you for reaching out, I can understand wanting to make use of the watch with the buttons working properly. Have you been able to test the watch after resetting it to see if the symptom persists? You can do so by following these steps.


Reseting will remove all downloaded apps on the watch and personal info on the watch along. Be sure to back up the watch data from the Wearables app before resetting. 

1Smiley Tongueress Home.
2:Touch Settings.
3:Navigate to and touch General management.
4:Navigate to and touch Reset Gear.
5:Review the information and touch Check to confirm the reset


If after resetting the device you are still experiencing the symptom, I would recommend getting the device in the hands of a technician to diagnose and repair your symptom. If so could you please provide me with the following information in a private message to assist you further?  


Model Number:

Serial/IMEI Number:

Full name:
Complete physical address:
Contact phone number:
Alternate phone number:
Email address: