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No app for gear circle anymore in play store

In broke out my gear circle recently and when in looked for the app to connect with it it is no longer available.  It is neccesary in order to use the one function i love, the answer when the are seperated function.

In cant seem to find it anywhere now.  Is the recently anywhere who knows where in cant find even and old versiono.   It seem like support for them is fogotten now.  

The circle headphones have such a convienient design which no other headphones offer.  Its and shame they are no longer produced.


Re: No app for gear circle anymore in play store

Anyone??  What are people supposed to do?  There's no good reason not to support the gear circle in the lateste gear app or at least make it possible to use the older versions.  Any of the older versions I've tried to use fail to work.  They try to connect with the net and fail.  It's just expected and accepted that any tech over 5 years old should be considered ready for retirement.  And if you dont like it then too bad.