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Not able to complete setup

(Topic created: 07-28-2021 02:37 AM)
Gear and Gear Fit


since the locked down start in Philippines last March 2020, Mot of the time I’m not using my Gear s3 smart watch since I’m only working from home. After less than a month, I decided to use my smart watch sine I will be going to office, it show that I need to update my smart watch. I proceed in updating my watch due to I won’t be able to use the watch if i will not do the update. Unfortunately, at the final part of setup where the watch ask you to cover the screen with you palm, I’m already stuck and really feel very sad and frustrated. I’m not an arrogant person, but since I’m an IT Specialist and working for software and hardware for about 14 years I know if the device has a software or hardware problem. I’m pretty sure that my Gear s3 has no hardware or sensors problem. Dear Samsung, please help provide solution since the phone really helps me a lot in my work as an IT professional.

Thank you and hope to hearing from you.

God bless.

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