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Only one Galaxy Bud Connects at a time



I have been having a problem with my galaxy buds for the past two weeks or so. One earbud connects to my phone, while the other doesn't. Every so often, seemingly at random, they switch where one works and the other doesn't. They both work perfectly fine, but only independently, and not able to find one another.  


Things I have tried:

Soft restarting the buds (7 sec in case)

Charging them more

Uninstalling and reinstalling all software on my phone

Restarting my phone

Connecting them to my computer

Using the pc based update system I found in the online manual

Debug self-test feature in gear app (s8+, most recent update)

Resetting the driver from within device manager


I am really grabbing at straws here. I loved these earbuds, but I can't get them to work again. I have no idea if there was an inciting incident, all I can remember was taking them out of my pocket in the middle of the day and suddenly only getting sound from one ear. 


The right bud (the only one connected right now) is reporting SW version R170XXU0ASE1 AND BT serial [provided on page]. Whenever it switches again I'll try to screenshot the debug menu so I can compare them. 


I got my buds from a friend, who got them as a gift from Samsung at the Galaxy 10 launch event. (New, she hadn't opened them). For that reason, I don't have proof of purchase and Samsung customer service wouldn't just outright replace them. 


Thanks for any help anyone can provide. 


Re: Only one Galaxy Bud Connects at a time

Getting the same issue, would appreiate a software fix or a fix of somekind.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Only one Galaxy Bud Connects at a time

Hey guys!

I will be happy to look into your concerns.

Can you send a private message with the below information here at this link:

Model code:
Serial Number:

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Re: Only one Galaxy Bud Connects at a time

My dude I reached out to support about the same issue and I almost had a nervous breakdown. No offense to the support team but when I am telling you information on why the device is not operating properly you should listen. Not everyone that reaches out to support is a 80 year old that never touched an elctronic before. The issue is that some of the recent updates have installed different versions of the software on each bud. You can check this by going into the update screen with either side connected and writing down the software that says you have there. Since they are both in different versions of the software they can't connect together and they can't be reset and all that good stuff... not even sure this is fixable unless they allow updates and resets to be enable when only one piece is connected. So yeah good luck. And have fun with your tiny paper weight.