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Registration of ear buds

I get this really weird male voice repeating, "hola" (spanish for hello) in my ear buds.  It happens periodically.  It started while I was in the Tampa FL airport.  I thought that somehow someone had accessed my bluetooth in the airport and was trying to  say hello.  However it has occured in Miami parks and Ft Lauderdale museaums.  It's always the same voice so I know that it has to be something being generated by the earbuds themselves.  Has anyone else experienced this "hola" phenomena? 

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Re: Registration of ear buds

Thats the first that ive heard of it you can go into the gear wearable app and check to see if the software is up to date and if it is i would attemp to reset the buds inside the app also and if you want to register your earbuds you can try this link

and if you cant register them there you can call and they will be able to help you register the Buds,
you can contact the Accounts team for additional assistance. They may be reached by calling 1 855-795-0509 they will be able to help you register them 

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Samsung Moderator

Re: Registration of ear buds

Have you recently installed any new third-party applications?

We would recommend testing the connected device in safe mode to see if the issue persist.

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