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S10+ Samsung Health not reading HR from Gear Fit2 Pro

This is been a road trying to get a good workout that reads HR on my phone from the watch. I want to be able to start the workout on my phone under Samsung Heatlh and see all the states while I am cycling including my HR.  I have to start the app on my watch in order to see my HR and then always check my watch, not ideal while riding when all the other states are easly shown on my phone mounted to the handle bars.  So as it is right now, I have to start the app on the phone AND start the app on my watch, of course it double logs a workout so I have to delete the one I started from my phone since the one from my watch shows all the stats and my HR, that I can check only after finished. Would be nice if the phone app could read the HR and announce it like to does the MPH, TIME etc. 


This has been a challenge to get a HR, I tried using MapMyRide but all those apps wont sync to the watch for real time logging HR, they will onl work with a chest strap.  Tried a lot of the other apps too but none work with watch app for real time HR logging that could find. 


Anyone know a way to do this? Just crazy to me the sam Samsung app has to be started the same time twice, once on phone and once on watch to log.  


Re: S10+ Samsung Health not reading HR from Gear Fit2 Pro

ave the exact same problem. I use my Galaxy S20 to track my bike ride. The reason why I use the phone is because a have a cadence and speed sensor connected to my phone via ant+. In the accessories section in SHealth, other than my sensors, I also have my watch active 2 as a connected device. Since the watch is connected as a device, I would think that SHealth would be able to pull heart rate info from the watch. I chatted with Samsung support about this and they told me it should work but could not help me figure out how to fix it. Anyone got this working?