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Cosmic Ray

Samsung Galaxy Buds

I'm a devoted of Samsung devices having purchased Note 4, two Note 8, one S9 Plus, three Note 9, and new Note 10 Plus. The issue is the audio quality of the Galaxy Buds. My opinion is the Buds are solid wireless earbuds. There is acceptable tradeoffs is that you're not going to match hi resolution wired buds. But there was a compromise when they manufactured the new Buds, specifically the rubber tips itself. If you look at the nozzles of the Buds, remember the size of the wax screen. Now look at the narrow openings of the rubber tips. The openings itself allows only 1/6 of the wax screen seen. The openings restrict audio signal i.e volume, from low frequencies to high frequencies,  and limits the  soundstage of the audio signal. Called Jared of Samsung about my concerns. Tried different tips and it dramatically improved the audio quality. Still can't find a tip will allow to stay on the nozzle. From an engineering prospective, why the tips were approved anyway. Poor design and how can it went into full production. Any feedback from other users. My devices I use for music are Note 4, Note 9, Note 10 Plus thru music player Poweramp, audio files from mp3, flac files 16bit/44.1hz, 24bit/48hz, 24bit/96hz. I use Galaxy Buds, 1More Triple Drivers, and 1More Quad Drivers. Use the 1More earbuds use the 3.5mm connector, on the Note 10 Plus, use a USB-c cable w/female connector.  I fitted the large tips from Samsung AKG wired tips to the Buds. The openings are much larger than the tips with the Buds. Dramatically improvement from volume, bass frequencies, and stage presence. The midrange and high frequencies are more prominent, but I can adjust with 10 band eq in the Poweramp. Also, can save EQ settings of the bluetooth Buds and EQ settings of my other wired earbuds. Edited after use with the other tips. Better audio quality especially bass frequencies.