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Samsung Gear 3 Watch Classic causing arm discomfort



So I got this Samsung watch for my dad and its causing him arm pain and discomfort. He has only worn it 2 days, for a few hours only, to set it up and see how it works.


There are several posts that talk about the arm pain, but there is seemingly no resolution. Some people said to disable(?) the heart rate, but the main point of getting this watch was the heart rate and the activity tracking.


Is there any resolution to this? The watch has leather(?) straps. My dad has always work steel straps. He is not tying it too tight .. there is quite a bit of play.


Any ideas are welcome ... this style is inline with the Seiko watches he has always worn, so it would be great if some app setting or physical adjustment can remove the arm pain.


Thanks for any pointers.


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Gear 3 Watch Classic causing arm discomfort

Can I have your full model code, serial number, and IMEI number (it LTE) via private message?