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Samsung Gear IconX 2018 - left earbud not charging


I have a samsung gear iconx 2018 and its left earbud is not charging. When I try and charge it, it shows the green light as if its fully charged but it does not get charged. It also does not connect to the gear mobile app and shows an red '×' sign next to it in the app.

Have tried the following

1. Reset the earbuds using the app.

2. Reset the earbuds using the small pin hole available on the earbuds. But while doing this I am able to reset just the right earbud and not the left earbud as the left earbud is not getting charged.

3. Have directly tried to connect to the phone bluetooth but it's still not able to connect to the left earbud. The right earbud connects fine and works fine while listening to phone content or while making calls.

4. Have cleaned the metal receptors present in the charging case as well as those on the left earbud.

5. Have tried to put a small paper on the top of the left earbud before closing the charging case to mildly force it to connect to the charging metal receptors but not working.

6. The light on the charging case for the left earbud remains red showing as if its charging and then turns green much before the right earbud light turns green to show as if the left earbud is fully charged but it's not charged.

7. While manually trying to reset the left earbud using the pin hole reset button present under the left earbud - it does not even show a red reset light on inserting the pin into the reset pin hole.

8. Sometimes in the mobile app, the left earbud shows its connected and shows fully charged but it does not work

9. Tried updating the latest software for the samsung gear icon x 2018 but it shows an error message "unable to connect to both the earbuds to update to the latest software" 


Am a big samsung fan with all my technology (TV's, Home theatres, phones, tablets, laptops, computers, watches, wearables, hard drives etc etc) that I use coming only from Samsung. But now I am extremely frustrated and losing my trust. Kindly resolve this issue at the earliest

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Gear IconX 2018 - left earbud not charging

Hey there! 

I would be happy to look into your concerns. 

Can you please send me a private message with the below information here at this link:


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Re: Samsung Gear IconX 2018 - left earbud not charging

Im having the same issue with mine. Did you find a solution?