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Samsung Health and My Fitness Pal

I know these problems have been solved for other users, but none of it worked for me. 

Device : Gear Fit2 Pro on an android device. 



1. I can't get Samsung Health and My Fitness Pal to synchronize. I don't want to use Samsung Health for calories because it's too standardized and impractical in my opinion.

Both apps have been de-installed and re-installed. Caches are cleared. Both show up as connected and with permissions to read and write in the other app.

Activating the developers version as a workaround didn't work. 

It won't open for me. 


Can this be solved?


2. Is the battery being empty after about 36 h normal?


3. How do I activate automatic workout recognition? I can see the toggle in the menu, but it won't move. I can't activate it. It remains grey.


4. Is it normal that the device is inaccurate in comparison to my old brand? Steps are okay-ish, but stairs are wildly inaccurate, either half is missing or it shows several times the actual number. sleep also (very exaggerated, I can't hold still for half an hour without it being logged as sleep some days).

This is frustrating  - I had another device from a different brand, like I said, and it did all these things for a third of the price. The only things the Gear Fit2 does better so far is - being water proof? Bit disappointing so far.