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Samsung Pay update deletes card info

Have had a Gear S2 classic for a little over two years. Have been using (trying to use) Samsung Pay on it for a little over a year (since my particular bank was finally approved).


The problem is that *every* time Samsung Pay updates itself on my Gear S2, it wipes out the card information. Sometimes it can retrieve the info, sometimes I have to re-enter it, but EVERY time it has to be re-verified by the bank. My bank doesn't have a direct connection to the system, so I have to *call* them to get a card verified, sometimes a five-to-ten minute process.


It is ANNOYING to go through this every couple of weeks since the Pay software updates frequently.


It discourages me from using Samsung Pay. It discourages me from recommending Samsung Pay to my friends and/or family. It strongly encourages me to use a different pay app, or go over to Apple products, since apparently Apple Pay doesn't have this kind of a problem.


Anyone? Thoughts? Comments?

Product Expert

Re: Samsung Pay update deletes card info

Hi ghlThree,


Hope all is well besides your card issue I totally understand your frustration I had to get an approval for my card also due to fact of not having a direct connection. But you shouldn’t have to do I this after every update. This may be a security measure from your bank but highly unlikely.


I suggest calling the Samsung Pay Team directly with your issue 1-844-726-7297