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Samsung buds- Red light stays on,charging only via direct power warranty issue

Red light on my buds stays on and doesn't goes off..and it only charges by direct plug..I took it to the service center with the proper  invoice and they said that they can't repair it under warranty because the serial number at the bottom of the case is missing due to wear and tear.. I told them that it wasn't my fault that it went missing and i didn't deliberately rub it off even though i produced the bill..they can't connect the case to their system and check the serial number also..i have seen some threads linked to this same warranty issue..the service Center has admitted that there isn't any physical damage..i have complained it the samsung head regarding this issue and they said they will get back to me..hope i won't loose my money on this product.. after all it has only been a couple of months i bought it...and my warranty is gonna expire soon

Nb:- The service Center was horrible..took them one week to tell me that they couldn't place the product under warranty...and i had to constantly visit the service center because no one was answering to the calls from day one itself


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung buds- Red light stays on,charging only via direct power warranty issue

I would be happy to look into your concerns. 

Can you please send me a private message with the below information here at this link:


Model code:
Serial Number:

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