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Spotify Issues

(Topic created on: 1/15/21 1:42 PM)
Gear and Gear Fit

I have posted about this issue a couple of times on Spotify forums over the last 3 years or so as I figured it was with their programming. I've attempted to use Spotify on both the first edition Samsung Galaxy and the Samsung GearFit2Pro. Samsung has consistently boasted that Spotify works well, however, it has never worked well. I'll spare the long story of all the issues with the Galaxy Watch which resulted in me returning it. I simply wanted something to use while I run so I don't have to carry my phone. The GearFit2Pro does that to a point. I'm able to download music for offline play, but why does shuffle not work. This seems to be like one of the most simplest of features and yet it's never worked. This is definitely a well known issue since the inception of the Galaxy Watch. Why it hasn't never been addressed is beyond me. I don't foresee this changing anything, but it doesn't hurt to try. 

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