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Re: Sync Music Playlist Gear S3 Watch


Yeah, leave it to Samsung to make a perfectly wonderful device (like the S3 Frontier), and then  the  out of flawless functionality...then sell it back to us later with a different name and a new emoji to go with it.


In addition to this up non-playlist issue, if you do not put numbers in front of your MP3 id3 titles (ie 01 Running, 02 Zerokill, etc) the tracks will still not play in the order of your playlist. It will default to descending Alphabetical. Took hours and not a handful of expletives just to figrue it out. I am a producer and sometimes I take 'Wristotle (my watch) and earbuds and go for a walk as I critique instrumentals and mixes. I need to listen back to projects I'm working on in their proper order. 


C'mon, Samsung! We out here faithfully buying your. You can do better. I have a cpl coders/programmers for you so if you really need help reach out. geeeeeeesh...