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Verizon Gear S3 Battery

Hey, so I know that the Gear S3 is loaded with problems, but haven't really seen much on the Verizon version since it runs a different update line (most current version is R765VVRU1CSD6 released on 05/20/2019). Asides from the battery drain issue, my watch will die and when I put it on the charger, it'll usually say anywhere between the 60s and 50 percent and if I let it sit for about a minute, I'll get a good bit of life out of it before it'll die and throw out 30s-20 percent and so on. I've reset this thing several times with no luck and would just like it to be addressed. It'd be great if there could be an update for the Verizon version to fix it. Also this verison doesn't allow me to back the watch up which is frustrating for when I attempt to reset the watch.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Verizon Gear S3 Battery

I would contact Samsung, that sounds like your battery is failing