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Watch wont turn on or shows lightning white

smasung fit2pro (39bc)

If I can get watch on it willl show the white lightning streak. I did a software update on phone but still cannot get watch to stay on to sync. Can u help me


Re: Watch wont turn on or shows lightning white

Hmm... @user5Bjrtu32hY !


It sounds like the watch is not charging correctly or turning on correctly.


  • Try a different outlet or charging base.
  • Try turning it off completely and leaving it on the charging cable.
  • Try cleaning the charger connections with alcohol.
  • Put it on the charger, let it sit for a second, then take it off. Continue doing that until you see the lightning bolt come on when placed on the charger.

  • You may need to replace your charging cable.
  • You may need to reset the device manually:


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