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Cosmic Ray
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I have the galaxy buds, they work fine with a few bugs but nothing world ending. ONE problem i have noticed, ever dropped your bud case by accident and it comes flying open with both buds going to each end of the room and the case along with it???? The hinge or whatever is holding it closed does not *seem* to be well put together. In comparson the apple airpods 2 and airpods pro case when dropped(from waist hight) stays closed and sealed with the airpods safe and secure and not flying all over in diffrent directions from gravity. So samsung some random feedback on the next generation of buds, make the case more secure from dropping. Apple uses some kind of magnet/hinge thing that self closes the lid if not held open and makes it drop safe. Something to think about for the future design of the galaxy buds 2 or pro or whatever they will be called. Please make the lid more secure.

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