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quick battery drain after watch updates, gear sport

I have received 2 or 3 watch updates in the past month and since then noticed a dramatic reduction in battery life and performance. Yesterday I used the battery optimization function and reduced the vibration intensity and screen on-time. Nonetheless the battery didn't even last the day, and suddenly turned off without warning at 7pm. I left it charging till 7am and now, at 11:30am it's already down to 71%. It now has trouble reacting to clicks and is very slow. I haven't installed any applications or watch faces in the last 4 months.


I know this isn't enough information for troubleshooting, but I would like to roll back the updates. I don't have a Samsung account associated with my watch because I don't agree with the privacy policy.


Samsung Gear Sport

Model: sm-R600Storage: 3.12/4GB

One UI version: 1.0


Software: R600XXU1CSI1