New Update - Security Patch Level Feb 1 2017


New Update - Security Patch Level Feb 1 2017

I have just updated my Samsung S7 device to Android Version 7.0, Security Patch Level Feb 1 2017. But unfortunately the user experience sucks despite my expectation. New Address Book has a very bad user experience. I have to double tap to go to a contact detail. It was one tap on the older version. If my contact has two different numbers it is too hard to choose to ring the number which i decided to. I have to drill down to find the other number! On the older version i do only one tap then it goes to contact details then i choose one of the numbers. But at the new versin i tap on a contact then i click on "detail" button then it goes to contact details! It is not a good user experience!! 

Is it possible go back to older version or theme?

Samsung Moderator

Re: New Update - Security Patch Level Feb 1 2017

Hey @useroGPrHZjKO3
We've noticed several random concerns with the new update. We want to be sure that all these get fixed up as soon as possible! To help our developers and bug fixers find all of these, I ask that you post this again on this thread here:
That will place all of these concerns in one place and make it much easier not only to talk to each other but to have those that need to see all of these find them faster! Thanks.  Smiley Happy

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