Please bring the IR blaster back!!


Re: Please bring the IR blaster back!!

The IR blaster most definitely needs to come back regardless of what you want and thinking that it's an old technology, the old technology is still going to be around for at least another 15 years people don't just throw away TVs and if you have a network setup then now you have two GD volumes going on, the network volume is Never As Good As the original TVs volume. 

 As for what may seem like such a small insignificant little device ive not upgraded to anything higher than a note 4 (when before i was upgrading phones every other flagship)

  Samsung definitly got it right withe the 4 , they just need to make a 4 with all the new chips and waterproof/resistant.


Re: Please bring the IR blaster back!!

I Agree. Still on S6 because S7 and S8 hav no IRBlaster