S8 international version


S8 international version

Hi, I bought my Galaxy S8 a while ago as an international unlocked version. The model name is SM-G950F which, I believe, is from Europe. I haven't had any problem until now, when I tried to install and use Samsung Pay. When I try to open it, it says "Unable to connect to Samsung Pay temporarily. Try again later". I did some research myself and it turns out it is not guranteed to use Samsung pay if you got an international version. 


Okay, first of all, I don't get it why it's not guranteed when I'm in the US. where Samsung pay is available. I should have been noticed about this when I got the phone, before I spent more than $600 on this.


Also, if it is 'not guaranteed', then does it mean for some phones if might work? How come it is so random? If it is available for some international version phones, how can I make it work? 


I'm a little frustrated now.


Thanks so much for you all in advance for reading and answering.


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Re: S8 international version

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Hello, @usereJMMC3ODh8 


I am glad you have come to the community for support or help. The members of the community and the official moderators welcome and wish to accommodate all people that wish to use the Samsung+ Community and its resources. Your post is in regards to your Samsung International S8. If your post is improperly categorized, it might not be found as quickly, it will take more time for a moderator to find your post, which means it will take them longer to help the other users of the community as well. You will probably get answers faster on the S8 board. 


In the future a post about your S8 phonecan be created under the"Galaxy S8 and S8+" section under the "Get help" topic, "Galaxy S Phones" discussion boards. A properly categorized post will help the moderators and other users to be able to more easily find your post and address your concerns. If a post is in the right place, a moderator should respond Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, within a few hours. Fellow community members are able to help 24 hours per day 7 days per week, depending on your needs.

Posting correctly under the appropriate topic is essential for all members, like me and you, in the community to have a concise and efficient encounter and use of the Samsung+ Community.


Thank you for coming here to the community and thank you for understanding the importance for keeping the discussion boards in the Samsung+ Community organized for the benefit of all who come here to the community for help and support.It also benefits the users who are here to offer their assistance.



Also, I know Samsung Pay is dependent upon region/country. Try reaching out to @SamsungPay on Twitter also. 

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