Showcase Your Phone - Themes, Screens, n' More

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Showcase Your Phone - Themes, Screens, n' More

I remember seeing a post when I first started here where a very proud person uploaded the customization they did of their device. It was really awesome to see the creativity that went into it. Our phones say a lot about is, most of the time, and I know a lot of people love to personalize their phones just as much as they do anything else in life. Even if the background is a picture of a loved one or a pet, that's you customizing.


I'd love to see how other member's of the community customize their phone to personalize it. Feel free to drop a picture can even just post a very lovely description if you're not comfortable with putting your screenshots up here. If you'd like to provide more detail about what changes you've made, widgets you use, home screen launchers, etc etc...that's welcomed too!


I'll get the ball rolling. I use an animated pixel theme. I used to mess with the custom launchers, but I find this much easier and less taxing on my device for the time being. It allows me to personalize my phone real quick, without spending too much time with customizing.




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