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2018 Q7FN Tizen 1310.4: Release Note

Hi guys,


Two days ago I found out that the US version of my 65 Q7FN has a latest firmware. 

I contacted Samsung support and no plans for the Australian model.Well, my TV just got the update lol but I cannot find the release note.


Long story short, I had an XBox One X set with 4K 60Hz. I was also able to set 1440p 120Hz BUT if I turn the TV off/on all I had was audio.


I could hear the TV menus sounds with a black screen. To have the video back I had to disconnect the HDMI or turn off the console totally.

Because of that I was playing on my Samsung 27 2K 144Hz curved monitor.


I wanna find the 1310.4 release note to see if there's any performance update.

I sold my One X in order to buy Series X and I'm still not sure if a new TV is a good call so.

My TV has One Connect Box and Invisible cable which seems to have been discontinued Smiley Sad while the 2020 models seem to be a nightmare specially the Q90 models, and I don't wanna go to the dark side of life with OLED TVs hahaha


Please, share your experiences Smiley Happy