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2018 QE65Q9FNA YouTube issue after firmware update

(Topic created on: 1/23/21 11:02 AM)
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Since firmware update 1310.4 the YouTube app will no longer play videos at 4k but will default to the lowest resolution. If I try and change this, it simply will not play as the buffer is empty.


I have contacted Samsung support and have been told by several employees to reset the one connect box, which I have done a full factory reset. I have reset the YouTube app and this has made no difference.


I am connected by WiFi and have a 200mb connection and the network test shows no issues. I'm having to watch YouTube on Fire TV and this works without issue. 


There is no facility to delete the YouTube app on this TV as it is a default app and there is also no facility to update the app. Someone please look into this as all worked great until firmware update 1310.4.


This issue appears to be a WiFi issue caused by the latest firmware and there are many people with the same problem.

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