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2019 Samsung TV

A warning.  The models in this series (RU7100) are advertised as having Bluetooth.  Bluetooth speakers and headphones (i.e., audio) work as advertised.  But there is no way to add a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, or gamepad.  The Samsung OneRemote that is specified as being included is not - only the Universal Remote.  Probably because of the Bluetooth issue, there is no screen mirroring (additionally, the Smart View app showed the TV, when it showed up, as being something totally different from what it really was.  I bought the UN43RU7100FXZA with great hopes based on calls to Samsung's tech support and the stated specs on-line.  It's unfortunate that some of these specs were in error.  Returning the unit to the store and re-evaluating my options which is a shame because the picture quality otherwise lives up to Samsung's high level.