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3D not working

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HD and UHD TVs

I have a SAMSUNG HL67A750A1F DLP 3D ready TV that uses a  3DC-1000 Adapter and GEFEN Detective for the 3D.

It worked with the glasses that I had, but think the glasses might have been inadvertenttly thrown out in the trash. That is why I bought the SAMSUNG SSG-2100AB glasses . The 3DC-1000 user guide says the SAMSUNG SSG-2100AB Glasses will work, but they are not working.

I have the IR Emitter that came with the 3DC Adapter and an XPAND 3DG-EX103 Adapter that I bought but do not get 3D on my TV with either emitter with the SAMSUNG SSG-2100AB Glasses. I do get the blurred 3D Pic on my screen though. Any ideas?



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