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75MU800 vertical banding

I have a 75 inch MU8000 that I purchased less than a 3 years ago that has been developing a large vertical banding issue. The bands were semi noticable when I purchased the TV, but only on very bright settings.  However, now the bands have gotten way worse.  These bands are now easily visible in any light, and you can now clearly see the bands all the time.  Any dark scenes are unwatchable. Full model number is UN75MU8000 for reference.  I have been trying to get this corrected over the past two years from Samsung. This is a manufacturer defect. Thousands of people have this very same issue with the same model. I am requesting a next gen replacement. I paid over $2500 for this tv thinking I was buying a quality product. I am beyond frustrated and disappointed and really looking for Samsung to do the right thing here. I have many other Samsung products and have been dedicated Samsung customer for over 2 decades. 


Re: 75MU800 vertical banding

 Am also having banding if that is what it is it is a 2018 55 in. smart 4k tv a replacement Samsung gave me when my 50 in. Smart tv got hot and melty and picture went out now my new tv has like a dark or shaded spot over the middle of screen like a foot and a half wide and gos from top to bottom and is all ways visible