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Amazon Prime has stopped my entire TV from working



Today, I attempted to browse Amazon Prime in search of a programme. My TV guide was working normally up until this point.


As soon as I entered Amazon Prime, my entire TV slowed up so I tried to leave the programme. It won't let me and the TV has been frozen for the last hour. It is not frozen in the sense that a message has stuck or it's trying to load, it's just frozen in the sense that nothing is happening. I can't scroll, clicking anything doesn't work, I can't leave the programme, it's just allowing me to do nothing.


I have tried all other Apps and I have tried getting back to TV Guide from there but every time I do, it just directs me back to the stuck Prime screen. I have attempted to unplug the TV at the back and everything like that but it just always comes back to the same screen.


My Internet connection is not strong enough to log on, this has been an intermittent problem. I have tried to reset things - nothing. I don't want to Factory Reset unless there's no other option but I'm running out of ideas. I literally just want my TV back, that's all.


Any help would be appreciated.




Re: Amazon Prime has stopped my entire TV from working

Following this post the same thing has happened too me and I've tried absolutely everything ! 😤