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Bass sound distortion QN700a and QN800a

(Topic created: 10-17-2021 05:49 PM)
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Has anyone else experience bass sound distortion with the QN700/800/900?

I purchased a QN700a but had it replaced due to bass distortion. Sounded terrible even with bass turned down in the equaliser. Samsung's solution was to replace the speakers on a brand new TV which the service guy said would take a week. No thanks. Samsung collected and I thought I would go up a model to the QN800. Out of the box - same issue. Equaliser down volume under 30 and bass is distorted through 70 - 90htz (during bass tests). At best it is annoying during scenes with bass background music) and at worst it sounds like a electric shaver in a cardboard box.

Am I the unluckiest person in the Samsung world or have others experienced the same problem with the rear firing speakers? I've been through the 30 minute trouble shooting with Samsung and a service tech did the same. I am waiting for another visit. This is my sixth Samsung TV and my 2016 and 2017 models do not have this bass distortion.

Also, Samsung promotes these as being capable of being mounted flush to the wall and their website shows images to this effect (I take flush to mean flat against the wall - no gap). This TV cannot be mounted flush with the wall like the Frame or LG G1. Even if it could the rear speakers would vibrate against the wall (and I just read another post from a QN900 owner who had to mount spacers between the TV and wall to stop the speakers hitting the wall - even with the slim mount at 7.5mm gap). On my QN800 I can see one speaking protruding 2mm with sound off - under bass the speaker vibrates and rattles if anything comes within about 10mm.

It is a beautiful looking TV but the bass sound is not good.  Am I alone with this issue?

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