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Both TV's wont connect wirelessly to the internet.

(Topic created on: 2/20/21 4:27 AM)
HD and UHD TVs


I have 2 Samsung Tv's, 1st is 5 years old and the 2nd is a month old. Both will not connect to the internet wirelessly. I have followed all the support and work arounds on both tv's and nothing seems to work. Things to note:

1:- Both will connect if it is a wired connection, my router is in the living room so 1 of tv's can have a direct connection but the other is in the back room so can not be connected by the wire.

2:- This is not a ISP problem as my Xbox and other devices are in the backroom and all connect perfectly with the router with no dropouts. 

3:- The Tv's recognize my router and have the correct server, passwords, etc....It just won't connect.

4:- It cant be that BOTH Tv's have faulty hardware, this must be a software issue which is blocking the Tv's connecting to the ISP.


Any suggestions would be most welcome.   

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