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Can I use an Indoor Antenna on the TV

(Topic created: 10-08-2021 03:27 PM)
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I just bought a new indoor antenna for our Samsung Smart TV.  The TV is maybe 2-3 years old.   I hooked up the antenna to the coaxial on the back of the TV for "ANT IN".  

We use internet television, e.g, "TV Plus".  We do not have cable.

When I call up "Source" to try to use the indoor antenna, all I see is "TV Plus".  There is nothing else to pick from.  

There is no option to choose the indoor antenna and scan for channels.

As far as I can tell everything is set up correctly; it was super simple to connect the antenna per the instructions provided.

So what do I need to do to switch from "TV Plus" to the indoor antenna?

Seems like this should not be hard at all, but the antenna is simply not there to be selected from any options that I could find on the TV.  Anywhere.   Frustrating.

I noticed and read one post to the community about something similar but I did not see a solid answer to my question or a fix for my problem.  

Thanks for your time. 


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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
HD and UHD TVs

Hello, I apologize for the frustration and would like to assist as best as possible. We would recommend trying a factory reset on the television with the antenna connected. The information for the reset itself can be found here TV reset. If the reset changes nothing, my next recommendation would be to have a service technician out as it might be a service-related issue that would need to be addressed accordingly.

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