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Can’t change channel with Samsung remote on cable box anymore

(Topic created on: 5/2/21 12:02 PM)
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This is in reference to a Samsung 55” TU7000 with Samsung SMTC5320 cable box from Optimum/Altice.   TV has firmware 1420.

Had TV for a little over two weeks.  Everything worked perfect using the remote when I first got the TV. Just overnight after a few weeks of no problems, I cannot change the channels of what’s coming from cable box.

Have reset TV remote, reset cable box, unplugged tv for a while, went through connection process of connecting Samsung universal remote that comes with TV (doesn’t change channel up or down during setup) Have picked exact model of TV box in setup and still doesn’t work.  Tried placing cable box next to TV but didn’t work.  

Had auto firmware update on, so I don’t know if it updated to 1420 and that change something to not enable the remote to work with cable box?

Looking for help please.


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