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Can’t get company to honor warranty

Anyone out there have a suggestion about how to get the company to honor their warranty. Had a new 65 in curved screen Samsung tv to just go out almost three months ago. They pick the set in in about a month. A few weeks later they said they would send a refund that "the check is in the mail!" Nothing still! They said they would have it reissued. Nothing. Can't talk with anyone except the online operators who understand but can do nothing. Please, any suggestions!!!!


Re: Can’t get company to honor warranty

You need to get serious about your refund lile spending hours asking questions tracking answers, my ticket number has changed 4 times and others have gotten they need to resend documents or the systems down and such. if they say wait 7-10days wait 7-10 mins callback and be sure the ticket hasnt been removed. I can not stress enough your not going to get anything unless you babysit this situation.


on the positive side, please post if you received your refund