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Curved TV Not Working Correctly

(Topic created: 06-23-2021 07:54 AM)
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My 2016 65" curved tv ( I am unsure of the actual model number right now) has been acting up the past few months and I am at a loss on what to do at this point.  A few months ago it started not registering the tv's remote and the remote light would just blink.  After trying multiple solutions it only began working again after replacing the remote.  Then it started not connecting to the bluetooth sound system when the tv was turned on.  Or it will connect to the sound system and the sound does not play or it flashes the mute icon when the tv is not muted.  Additionally it will not load/open apps such as Netflix and Amazon and will constantly not be able to connect to the Samsung servers and reset the apps on the home dashboard every time the tv is turned off.  Now it is saying it will not connect to my wifi network.  It is logged onto my network but says there is an issue with the router despite the fact that every other device is connected to my wifi just fine and all troubleshooting tests regarding my router through my internet provider show no issues.  I have factory reset the tv, rebooted the router, unplugged the tv, ran system diagnostics on it (which show no issues), tried updating the software, and nothing has worked.  Has anybody else encountered all of these issues concurrently?  If so, what was the solution?

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