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Customer Service Failure

(Topic created: 08-20-2021 04:47 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

I suggest that no one order anything from Samsung's online store. They made a customer service commitment and never followed through. They continuously misrepresent the facts. First TV delivered 7-1-21. Many problems with this TV. Within a few days I notified Samsung that it had too many problems and that it was obviously defective. Called customer service. They said they would send a replacement, but that I had to initiate and pay for a new order. I did so. They said to call Fed-Ex and Fed-Ex would pack up the defective TV and return it to their warehouse. I called Fed-Ex. Fed-Ex informed me that they absolutely do not pack up anything. I called Samsung and explained the situation. I spoke to Nerisa Buendia on July 6th.

Ms. Nerisa Buendia apologized for the misinformation from Samsung Customer Service and said that she would escalate the matter to Samsung and she told me that when we received the replacement TV, a Samsung Team would come and pack up the defective TV and install the replacement TV and make sure everything was working OK. I asked her to send an e-mail to me with this commitment. I received that e-mail on July 9th.

I notified Ms. Buendia on July 12th that the replacement TV was delivered and asked when the Samsung Team would arrive to pack the defective TV and install the replacement TV. I was told that she was working on it and please be patient. After many e-mails to Samsung asking when the commitment made on July 9th would be fulfilled, it became clear that the commitment was not forthcoming. On July 24th, I sent an e-mail to Ms. Buendia to pick up both TV’s and send me the labels to arrange for pick up. The replacement was delivered on July 12th. I notified Samsung in an e-mail dated July 24th that I wanted it picked up and returned to Samsung. Well within a 15-day time frame.

Samsung has given me the run-around since July 4th. They made a commitment to resolve the issue but never acted upon that commitment.

I received another e-mail today, 8-18-21, saying that returning the replacement TV was outside of their “window” and they would not pick it up. This is an egregious lie on their part. I immediately sent them a reply today and told them that they did not initiate a pick up for the replacement TV that was delivered on July 12th - when I asked on July 24th (well within 15 days), therefore, it is their responsibility and not mine. I demanded that they pick up both TV’s and credit my card for both TV’s: $2414.99 and $2798.23 (Samsung Order ). Samsung continuously misrepresents the facts. I have e-mails to prove it. It should be simple. They made a commitment that was not kept, they need to pick up the defective TV and the replacement TV.

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