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Customized picture settings reset by themselves

(Topic created: 06-02-2021 03:06 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

I have a 60" 7 series SUHD. It is set to movie mode. I customize some of the picture settings via the menu.

Recently I noticed several of my picture settings had been reset: contrast, backlight, brightness were almost at max. Some of the color balance settings too had changed. The screen was blindingly bright and the colors too saturated and vivid. When I reset them to my preferences, the next day I see they have reverted. I've had the set for 5 years and it never happened until recently.

The set is in Home Use mode so it's not that. I have rebooted more times than I can count. There are no new peripherals attached and no changes to the room where it's installed. The update menu says no new updates are available.

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