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Dead 46 Smart, worth to recover it?

(Topic created on: 1/13/21 1:22 PM)
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Hello, I´d appreciate your opinion about what happened to my Smart  (UN46EH5300 Series, back from 2013 or so but in a pretty good shape).
Today, I was messing around the hidden menu of the TV (the one you access by pressing Mute + 1 + 8 +2 + Power), trying to find out how to solve a problem with the network (apps didn´t recognize the TV was connected to the Internet). 

In the process, the TV become unresponsive for several minutes, so I plug it out (big mistake, I know that now), and after that the screen turned on just once (no image, though, just the brightness), and after I turned it off, it dies. I mean, no red led, no nothing.

The guys from Samsung shoot at the usual suspects (change the wall socket, press the physical power button on the unit for a couple of seconds, and so on), but with no results at all. 

So I have to questions: 

a) Any idea to bring this guy back from the dark valley?

b) It is worth to repair it? It something easy to do, like reset something or change a whole board? 

The TV is old, but it works just fine... I fon´t know if it will be ok after the repairing, though...


Anyway, thanks for the knowledge and the time to share it!

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