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Fire hazard

Came home from vacation and turned my 3 year old tv on.Had a white screen and lower left corner had melted.Spent 2 hours on the phone repeating what had happened  over and over(like they don't know this is an issue) to be told it is past warranty and I could pay for a tech to come out.No thanks,I don't want to pay more money to fix a garbage product.Who cares if my house could've burned down with all my pets inside right?So I am getting jipped out of the $500 I spent and will make sure everyone knows that Samsung doesn't care if they are selling fire hazards.There have been lawsuits but I guess it will take loss of life to get anything done.People work hard for their money and you people know this is an issue.There should be a recall and you should reimburse people.I will never buy a Samsung product again.I will continue to post the dangers of owning a Samsung and will be contacting news outlets so people are informed. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Fire hazard

I'm sorry to hear that, can you send me a private message with your full model and serial number and pictures of your symptoms? 

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