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Fixed UN32EH5300FXZA Software Update Function - Not Available, Greyed Out

(Topic created: 07-02-2022 11:15 AM)
HD and UHD TVs

for the record, here is what I did to get this firmware updated.     I think it was around 1031 and went to around 2004

Software Update was greyed out and said Function Not Available

Went to Tools - Reset the TV

still greyed out

Got USB stick, loaded firmware and unzipped

still greyed out

Unplugged 1 min 

still greyed out

usb stick in and out (thought maybe the stick was too big)

still greyed out

Changed source to TV

still greyed out

Unplugged TV again

still greyed out

Reset Again, using code 0000, 

this time it saw the firmware update.


I have no idea but some sequence of these events got it to see the firmware update

Reset code 0000


usb in and out, reboot

reset again

Source = TV

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