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Frame TV tilting downwards, and wrong legs

(Topic created on: 1/14/21 5:51 PM)
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I bought a brand new, sealed 2020 Frame TV in November 2020, and we have been having a lot of issues. Samsung customer support has been horrible to us, and strung us along for the last 7 weeks with "evaluating the issue", only to tell us that all the problems we have been experiencing is normal and to be expected with the TV. 


When we opened the TV, the legs that came with them did not push and snap securely into place as the instructions said. It also didn't look exactly like the photos in the instruction, but we tried to put them in anyways, and they were too big and did not go in all the way. When we added more force, the backing of the TV started to come up around the hole. With the legs not fully in, the TV was not stable on the stand when we tried to stand it up. When we checked the product code on the outside of the bag for the legs, and the ones on the actual legs, they were different. After them harrasing us countless times for the same photos and information, they are now telling us that this is the correct legs, and that it is our fault that we didn't get someone professional to come install the legs. 


So then we got a professional contractor to come and install the mount, wherein which, it was noted to us that there appears to be an issue with the mount. It does not stay in place when pushed in, and will slowly tilt down once we let go. Furthermore, there is almost a 2cm gap from the wall to the back of the TV. Our contractor checked our wall, and everything was leveled with no issues structurally. Samsung said that after escalating and "investigating" the issue for almost two months, the No Gap mount is supposed to be tilted downwards like that, and that the TV is not supposed to sit flush, and a gap that size is supposed to be there. The recommendation from Samsung was to "hire a professional contractor to do it". We have worked with this contractor for over 5 years for most of our house; he is licensed, and we have never had any issues passing inspections for his other (much more complicated) work.  


I was wondering if anyone has ever had the same issues as us, and if so, what did you do? I'm at a completely loss. 


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