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Free Memory on Samsung SmartTVs

(Topic created: 06-18-2021 09:53 AM)
Robert Keller
HD and UHD TVs

Too many posts about this. Class action needed? Samsung management needs to be involved. Until they get their act together, see <HIDDEN> Follow the instructions exactly. It worked for me. BUT also disable Auto Updates in both locations - there's one location off the main system menu, and there's another when viewing the apps page. If you don't do this, the bloatware will just reload in a few minutes. I did find that if you delete some and not all, sometimes the bloatware app it wants to install at the end of it's bloatware list is too big and it errors out - leaving you with 1% free space, which is all it needs to let the volume control (and possibly some other functions that break when storage is at 0%) work like it's supposed to.

It speaks volumes that Samsung can't figure this out on their own and help their customers. I'll never buy another Samsung product again based on this.

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