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Frozen screen

We have a Samsung Smart TV.  We have a Roku Stick attached so that we can get Hulu + Live TV.  The TV model we have is not Hulu +Live TV compatible, hence the Roku Stick.   We had NO issues with the stick until recently.  Now, when we turn on the TV, the screen freezes at the Roku screensaver and we cannot get it to change screens unless we shut off the TV, reset the Roku stick and reset our Fiber modem.  Our ISP  even came out to make sure it wasn't our modem.  We have tried two different ROKU sticks on the TV and the same thing happens with each one.  So, we tried the Roku stick on another TV and it works just fine.  So there must be an issue with the TV, but we have no clue what that issue might be.  Any ideas are appreciated.  TIA

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Frozen screen

I am sorry to hear about this. What is the television model number? Have you checked for a software update for the television?"

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