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Full screen and blu-ray UHD

(Topic created: 09-04-2021 10:48 PM)
HD and UHD TVs

TV is SAMSUNG 75 "4K CRYSTAL UHD SMART TV (2020) -UE75TU6905KXXC and a Blu-ray player Sony UBP-X700 Smart Ultra HD.

When watching ordinary blu-ray discs, for example Gone the wind, the black bars on the screen are up, down and both sides. And when watching UltraHD blu-ray disc, for example Close Encounters of the Third Kind, black bars are up and down on the screen.

How can I get rid of these black areas, I want to watch full screen. If I can do that somehow, will the image quality suffer?

I'm just a beginner with this blu-ray technolohy...

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