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GX-sm530cf no longer displaying cable guide

(Topic created: 06-25-2022 04:46 PM)
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Don’t know why previous Post was closed and marked “solved”.  It is not solved!

Why doesn’t Samsung do something about this issue? It’s been an issue since January 2022.

It is NOT the cable provider’s fault!  The error occurs after inputting zip code but before getting a chance to choose a cable provider.

The device simply has an error connecting to a server in order to download a list of providers for a specific zip code.  Samsung has to update the firmware. Or fix the server. One of the two!

Please, Samsung!  
It’s not asking for much!


7/9/22 update:

Now the “Apps” no longer work too.  Just goes blank for a few seconds and then back to cable program you were watching. This is what makes it a “smart” media player. Connecting to all the streaming services.

Nor does the Netflix icon.  Same results.

I guess next the ability to watch cable will stop working.  It’ll just be a brick then.

Hello, Samsung?  A little help here?


7/12/22 update:

Resetting “Apps” did no good. 
But unplugging for a few hours did! 
I have “Apps” back now.  But for how long? 

Samsung, can’t you update firmware on this device (GX-SM530CF)?

Or at least try to fix the GUIDE function?




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