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I am convinced that Samsung does not have a quality control procedure. Let's go through what has happened to all of my Samsung products. 65in Dlp the Dlp chip went out and screen turned to snow, 55in smart TV, capacitor on power board blew, and blows when you replace it, 65in SUHD curved tv had extreme banding. Screen was replaced 3 times (4 if you count the one out of the box that was broken) and ALL had banding. 65in QLED full array has banding worse than previous model and judder makes tv glitch and ghost. Note 10.1 just stopped charging. Side by side refrigerator auto defrost doesn't work so you have to periodically unplug to thaw out, and I have had to replace the fan in the back 2 times. Dishwasher auto function doesn't work. The only one that lasted longer than 2 or 3 years is the DLP TV. I have surmised that Samsung products are garbage. I have given them too many chances, and that's on me, but I just wanted to let anyone who is having problems with their Samsung products know that it's not an isolated incident and to move on from the brand. 


Yeah I've noticed with my Samsung Galaxy I'm getting all...

Yeah I've noticed with my Samsung Galaxy I'm getting all kinds of crud on my phone and my laptop and I'm a marine I should be able to override this stuff