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HDMI CEC with XBox Series X and Denon AVR

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 9:11 PM)
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Hello Everyone,  Didn't find anything in search, but if there's already an answer out there, please let me know.


I have a UN60KS8000FXZA 8000 series TV.  Connected to a Denon AVR-x4000 receiver.

The receiver is a bit old, so I'm only using it for audio and not passing any video through it.  It's connected to the TV on the ARC port on the TV and the receiver.  TV and receiver turn on and off together fine.  I can use the Samsung remote to change the volume (works fine get the + and - indicators instead of the numbers).


I'm hoping to run everything with just one remote.  Ideally one that i already have instead of getting a new universal remote.  


So, question number one; is there an ETA on when the Samsung universal remote will get an update to run the basic things on the XBox Series X?  It worked great for my older xbox.


Question number two.  Assuming there's no way to make the Samsung remote control the Xbox Series X, I can do everything except volume control through my XBox App.  I wanted to know if the TV supports CEC passthrough.


Currently it's wired in this way XBox -HDMI- SamsungTV.  Then I have the SamsungTV -HDMI_CEC- DenonAVR.  I wanted to know if the TV supports CEC passthrough so that volume controls from the xbox get passed to the DenonAVR.  Currently it's not working for me and I'm looking for alternatives.  I didn't go straight to the AVR because it only supports up to 4k/30.



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